You will get:

  • Qualified advice on brewing and distillation processes. including milling, refrigerating, Cleaning (CIP), filtration, pasteurization, bottling, yeast-processing and much more.
  • The right equipment for the processes in your microbrewery – and it’s all there.
  • Guidance, advice and translation of specifications and requirements so you understand what we are talking about. And the details are in control.
  • Equipment intended for the requirements of the European and Danish authorities.
  • Secure contract, delivery, transportation and customs clearance right up to your factory door.

How we work:

In collaboration we describe your needs and requirements. We obtain a non-binding offer from our supplier with detailed specifications, price and delivery time.

When concluding a contract we print a pro forma invoice on 50 percent of the full contract amount (1st instalment). Production will start when 1. Rate has been paid.

When the equipment is produced from the supplier, we send pictures and information about the equipment. We write an invoice of 2. Rate covering the last 50 percent. The equipment will be shipped once we have received 2. Rate.

We can also offer to help with installation or advise your subcontractor on the installation of the equipment.